Worldwide most famous Italian novel

From the beginning of 1900 to the present day, the film or television reductions of Collodi's text are not counted. There is something for everyone: from series to more disparate genres; there are even science fiction and horror versions.

Even Spielberg's A.I. seems to be referring, according to some critics, to the Italian novel. They have tried many with alternate results, but that Disney re-prountted it in live-action by fishing with full hands from its own 1940 classic doesn't really make sense. That then nothing less than Zemeckis to direct (unrecognizable) and Tom Hanks for the physical protagonist (decidedly sluggish) with a CGI not even so fantastic reveals the uniquely and prosaically commercial intent of Disney, which moreover released the film only in its home circuit, instead of in movie theaters.

Closing the circle is the usual damned politically correct of Hollywood transforms, with totally incomprehensible metamorphosis, the Turquin Fairy of our collective imagination into a "blue fairy" of color and without a canopy.

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